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In a land of dreams, where magic reigns,
There lives a creature, blessed with a name,
Ninou, they call her, a wondrous sprite,
With eyes that shimmer, like stars in the night.

Her laughter echoes through enchanted woods,
Where fairies dance, in their graceful moods,
She flutters her wings, painted with gold,
A sight to behold, a story untold.

Ninou, the guardian of nature’s charm,
With gentle touch, she mends and warms,
The wounded souls, seeking solace deep,
She whispers hope, in their troubled sleep.

With every step, she leaves a trace,
Of love and kindness, in every place,
She tends to flowers, with tender care,
Breathing life into the meadows fair.

Ninou, a friend to the forgotten ones,
The misfit souls, cast away by the sun,
She gathers them close, in her embrace,
Filling their hearts, with a healing grace.

Her voice, a melody, soft and pure,
Guiding lost souls, to a path secure,
Through treacherous storms, she leads the way,
To a brighter dawn, where shadows sway.

Ninou, a symbol of compassion rare,
With a heart that’s boundless, an answer to prayer,
She brings harmony, where chaos resides,
A beacon of light, in the darkest tides.

So let us honor this mystical being,
With gratitude and love, our hearts now singing,
For Ninou, the guardian of all that’s true,
A celestial presence, forever anew.