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Love, a force that knows no bounds,
It lifts us up and knows no bounds.
A flame that burns deep within,
Igniting passion, making us grin.

Love, a gentle touch, a tender kiss,
It fills our hearts with pure bliss.
A connection that cannot be broken,
A love unspoken, yet never unspoken.

Love, a journey we embark upon,
Through highs and lows, until the dawn.
It holds us tight in times of despair,
A comforting presence always there.

Love, a language of its own,
Speaking volumes when words are unknown.
It transcends barriers, breaks down walls,
Uniting souls, no matter how small.

Love, a symphony of laughter and tears,
A rollercoaster of hopes and fears.
It teaches us lessons, makes us grow,
A never-ending cycle, it does bestow.

Love, a gift we must cherish and protect,
A feeling that we must never neglect.
For in love, we find our truest selves,
A love that transcends time and delves.

So let love guide us through the storm,
With open hearts, let’s transform.
For in love’s embrace, we find our worth,
A love that lasts, a love of endless mirth.