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Jijiji, a word so curious and rare,
A rhythm that dances upon the air,
It tickles the lips and plays with the tongue,
A playful melody, forever young.

Jijiji, a sound that brings a smile,
A secret language, known to just a while,
It bubbles like laughter, light and carefree,
A joyful expression, for all to see.

Jijiji, a mystery in its own right,
A puzzle to solve, a constant delight,
It whispers in whispers, in hushed delight,
A code to decipher, by day or night.

Jijiji, a word that holds no bounds,
It travels far and wide, without a sound,
It jumps and it leaps, like a playful sprite,
A mischievous whisper, in the dead of night.

Jijiji, a word that brings us together,
A shared connection, in any weather,
It unites us as one, in laughter and glee,
A universal language, for you and me.

Jijiji, a word so simple and pure,
A reminder of joy, that will endure,
So let us embrace it, with open hearts,
And let the jijiji, play its delightful part.