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In lands of wonder, where dreams do dwell,
There lies a being, a true marvel to tell,
A creature so gentle, with a heart so kind,
Bibii, the enchanting, a soul intertwined.

With feathers vibrant, like a rainbow’s hue,
Bibii, the resplendent, a sight to imbue,
A fluttering grace, like a delicate breeze,
In every movement, a symphony of ease.

Bibii, the guardian, of nature’s embrace,
A spirit untamed, with a mystical grace,
Through forests and meadows, it gracefully glides,
Guiding lost souls, where love and hope resides.

With eyes so pure, like the stars in the night,
Bibii, the radiant, brings forth a light,
A beacon of wisdom, in a world so vast,
Teaching us lessons, that forever will last.

In its presence, tranquility does reign,
As Bibii, the serene, soothes all pain,
Its melodies, a gift to healing hearts,
A melody that mends, and never departs.

Bibii, the enchanting, a friend to all,
With a spirit unyielding, it stands tall,
In unity, it gathers the broken and weak,
For love is the language Bibii does speak.

Oh, Bibii, the wondrous, with wings so grand,
Forever may you soar, across the land,
May your essence inspire, courage to find,
And may your beauty forever remind,

That in this world, where darkness may roam,
Bibii, the luminary, will always be home,
With love as its compass, and light as its guide,
Bibii, dear Bibii, forever will abide.