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Bibibi, a word so sweet,
A sound that brings joy, a pleasant treat.
A playful expression, a child’s delight,
Bibibi, a melody, like stars shining bright.

Bibibi, a sound that tickles the ears,
In moments of laughter, it magically appears.
A giggle, a chuckle, a joyful release,
Bibibi, a symphony, that brings inner peace.

Bibibi, a word that carries no weight,
No worries, no burdens, just pure elate.
A simple expression, a carefree refrain,
Bibibi, a chorus, that washes away pain.

Bibibi, a sound of innocence and glee,
A reminder to cherish life’s simplicity.
In the midst of chaos, it brings a smile,
Bibibi, a lullaby, that comforts for a while.

Bibibi, a word that can’t be defined,
It’s meaning unique, to each person’s mind.
But one thing is certain, it brings forth delight,
Bibibi, a treasure, that shines so bright.

So let us embrace this beautiful sound,
Bibibi, a melody that knows no bound.
For in this word, there lies a power,
To bring us together, every minute, every hour.